• Diversifying Arizona’s Economic Growth

    Diversifying Arizona’s Economic Growth

    BioInspire in Peoria, Arizona

    Game-changing start-up facility, office and laboratory space in partnership with the City of Peoria, BioAccel’s partner for providing start-up incubator space.

  • Entrepreneur Training, Mentorship

    Entrepreneur Training, Mentorship

    A top-emerging bioscience region

    Connecting and engaging entrepreneurs and the investment community, building a bioscience ecosystem through funding, training and mentoring, impacting quality, success and viability of technology commercialization in Arizona and region.

  • Improving Health Through Innovation

    Improving Health Through Innovation

    Arizona nonprofit leader, unique mission

    Accelerating start-up and sustainability of early-stage medical device and bioscience technology companies, helping entrepreneurs avoid the “Valley of Death.”

  • Working With Universities

    Working With Universities

    Bioscience entrepreneurs of the future

    Leading innovative curriculum with university faculty and programs… bioengineering, business and law… interdisciplinary training focused on bioscience device and technology startup creation, innovation, and commercialization.

We believe the integration of science and business
can truly transform the world.

BioAccel is a non-profit organization, created to provide funding and business expertise to develop early stage life science technologies that drive local economic growth.

We Are BioAccel
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  • Improved Health

    Advancing novel scientific discoveries from early stages to commercially viable products and medical devices, profoundly improving patient care and advance public health.

  • Education & Outreach

    Providing bioscience entrepreneur training start-up workshops and mentorship programs.

  • Diversified Economic Growth

    Creating a local, state and regional bioscience entrepreneur ecosystem through conferences, community-based bioscience salons, and bioscience outreach.