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In a recent interview with City of Peoria Mayor Cathy Carlat, BioAccel’s CEO MaryAnn Guerra spotlights an innovative public-private partnership with City of Peoria and discusses BioAccel’s role in supporting bioscience start-up companies and attracting quality jobs in Arizona and the region.

Meet the Winners

Solutions Challenge 2015


OMNI Bioceutical Innovations

Jane Christensen, Founder & CEO | Ron Carpenter, Chief Operating Officer Dr. Farhan Taghizadeh, Chief Medical Officer

Regenerative skincare products are among the fastest growing components of the $12 billion dollar medical aesthetic industry. Non-invasive cosmetic procedures have grown from 786,000 thousand in 2000 to 15.6 million in 2014 with the trend still growing; non-surgical procedures will outpace surgical numbers and revenue in the near future. Represented as part of 111% growth are cosmetic laser procedures totaling 2.3 million in 2014. Currently preferred over surgery, the need for products that reduce laser treatment downtime, speed recovery and are a part of a personal daily anti-aging routine are the most sought after products in this market today.

Omni Bioceutical Innovations is one of the first medical cosmeceutical companies meeting this large need by offering human translational stem cell/growth factor based skin and hair care product lines. These unique growth factor products with their initial science foundation deeply rooted in the wound care arena find a perfect marriage with medical laser devices, novel private label lines and innovative retail offerings. The consumer need for products that support youthful aging are at an all-time high and continues to grow.

Omni has the North American rights in the provision of these products representing the new gold standard in the retail and medical cosmeceutical skin care industry. By securing licenses to these stem cell/growth factor technologies and formulating them for use with the best innovative ingredients such as delivery molecules and peptides Omni is poised for success in this profitable fast growing market.



France Helfer, CEO  |  Chris Faller, COO  |  Jonathan Pegan, R&D Management

TinyKicks is developing a wearable health-monitoring smart sensor that captures fetal movement and uses machine learning to predict and guide healthy pregnancy outcomes.The sensor, similar in size to a band-aid, consists of a conformal strain sensor and a wireless Bluetooth module to send data to the mother’s smartphone. This form factor is achieved through a proprietary strain sensor with a robust nanostructured, piezoresistive thin film. This nanostructuring provides strain relief allowing the thin films to stretch as much as 150% with 3x more sensitive than similar existing sensors. The sensor is applied directly to the mother’s belly to detect fetal movement. This fetal activity correlates very closely with fetal health, allowing continuous health-monitoring of the fetus. Utilizing machine learning algorithms and predictive analytics early diagnosis of possible pregnancy complications can be identified before an acute medical event. Early intervention will reduce emergency procedures such as cesarean sections, reduce the likelihood of premature births, and reduce the occurrence of stillbirths. Importantly, the wealth of unprecedented data collected from continuous remote fetal monitoring can be used to correlate with epidemiological as well as long-term health outcomes for the first time. Currently, nothing on the market exists to continuously monitor fetal health.The TinyKicks device operates passively in that no energy is emitted into the fetus, unlike ultrasound technology, making TinyKicks a safer alternative to monitor fetal health.Importantly, this technology can also be used for continuous infant monitoring to collect similar health data and continue the epidemiological timeline.

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