New Peoria BioInspire company Life365 featured in the Peoria Times.

Friday, April 8, 2016

Kent Dicks and Life 365 are now part of Peoria’s growing group of entrepreneurs at BioAccel/BioInspire

Posted: Friday, April 8, 2016 12:00 am


BioAccel, with laboratory and business facilities at BioInspire, announced last week a new venture development program partnership with Life365.


Life365 is a new venture founded by Arizona native and entrepreneur Kent Dicks. The Life365 “Rain” platform uses light-touch hardware, software and services to keep patients engaged with their health, assist in adherence to prescribed health regimens, and integrate individual health data into electronic medical records.


Life365’s objective is to build on the demonstrated efficacy of remote-patient monitoring with cost effective, scalable and adoptable solutions to reach a greater number of patients. This health monitoring solution will enable business models of payors, providers, Accountable Care Organizations and other entities financially responsible for patient populations.

Life365 was recently selected by BioAccel to receive early-stage funding, including office space at BioInspire’s 7,000-square-foot facility in Peoria.


Life365 president Dicks is an Arizona native, and a graduate of Arizona State University. This is his third company.

His first company, MEDAPPS, 2006, folded 2012 into a large company, ALERE, a $3 billion company.

“They were using technology to connect patients in their home, automatically sent to a server, where a doctor could look at it anytime,” Dicks said. “So, if you left the hospital, the patient would step on a scale in the morning and send results to a caseworker.


“We connect through cell phones to the Internet, take readings, blood pressure, weight, (all) connected to a doctor.


“There’s a whole new phenomena working: keep patients out of the hospital, monitored at home. We were quite successful.”


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