Woman Pioneer in Pain Management, Dr. Andrea Trescot, Appointed Stimwave Chief Medical Officer

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Stimwave LLC, a medical device manufacturer and independent research institute headquartered in South Florida, announced the appointment of Andrea M. Trescot, MD, FIPP, as its chief medical officer. The expansion of the team is in direct response to an ever-increasing demand for its Freedom Spinal Cord Stimulation (SCS) System and StimQ Peripheral Nerve Stimulator (PNS) System for the treatment of chronic pain throughout the body. Dr. Trescot will lead Stimwave’s clinician educational programs and provide medical guidance for the company’s breakthrough clinical research efforts.

Dr. Trescot brings over 30 years of clinical and training experience to Stimwave. Dr. Trescot is the past chair of the Education Committee and a current examiner for the World Institute of Pain (WIP) that administers the Fellow in Pain Practice (FIPP) exam to clinicians worldwide. She is the past president of the American Society of Interventional Pain Physicians (ASIPP) and a former professor and director of pain fellowship programs at the University of Washington and the University of Florida. Dr. Trescot is also a member of the Health and Human Services (HHS) Pain Management Best Practices InterAgency Task Force.

“It’s an honor and a privilege to join a team of people who are devoted to improving patients’ lives with the most innovative product available today,” said Dr. Trescot. “I believe these micro-sized, battery-free stimulators will increase access to treatments for pain for all of patients who cannot, will not, or refuse to get implanted batteries. My passion is in teaching, and I now have a product that I am equally as passionate about.”

Stimwave’s devices are the premier wireless stimulators, using Wireless Pain Relief® technology that allows them to be 95 percent smaller than any other neuromodulation device on the market. These devices treat back and leg pain as well as treatment for shoulder pain, wrist and elbow pain, knee pain, hip pain and more. Stimwave’s stimulators also provide the widest compatibility with MRIs in the industry, with 1.5T & 3 T Full Body MRI scan conditions.

“Dr. Trescot literally wrote the book on peripheral nerve stimulation, having recently published a 900-page textbook, ‘Peripheral Nerve Entrapments,’ as a resource for clinicians. She also co-wrote the book, ‘PainWise,’ a guide to pain management for pain suffers,” said CEO of Stimwave, Laura Perryman. “Her expertise, technical proficiency, and dedication to education and training makes her the perfect fit for our wireless electroceutical revolution, supporting our 100-plus worldwide employees to expand clinician neuromodulation skillsets with Stimwave.”

Dr. Trescot graduated from the Medical University of South Carolina, with her internship and residency in anesthesia at Bethesda Naval Hospital and a fellowship in pediatric anesthesia at National Children’s Hospital in Washington. Dr. Trescot is board certified in anesthesia, pain management, interventional pain management and critical care practice. In addition to authoring two books, Dr. Trescot has written more than 150 peer-reviewed articles and textbook chapters. She continues in clinical practice in Alaska and Florida, as well as in training programs for physicians worldwide.

Stimwave is a BioAccel portfolio company.

About Stimwave

Stimwave Technologies Incorporated is a privately held medical device company engaged in the development, manufacturing, and commercialization of wirelessly powered, microtechnology neurostimulators, providing patients with a convenient, safe, minimally invasive, and highly cost-effective pain management solution that is easily incorporated into their daily lives. Stimwave’s goal is to evolve its patented, cutting-edge platform into the default for neuromodulation, increasing the accessibility for patients worldwide while lowering the economic impact of pain management. www.stimwave.com

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