Medical Device, NVDP




Heart disease is the nation’s #1 killer and Cardiovascular treatment is the single most expensive Medicare item in the US Health care system. Innovative cardiovascular devices are  desperately needed to improve patient outcomes and decrease cost. Current device manufacturers are too bogged down with regulatory challenges to develop new devices in house.

AMS Solution

The company has a portfolio of innovative devices in the vascular and cardiovascular arenas.  All devices are covered by patents.

Lucrative Market

The proposed devices can be used in 25% to 30% of all cardiovascular procedures.  There are roughly 6 million procedures performed in the US and over 18 million performed world-wide.  The market is anticipated to be in excess of $1.2 Billion by 2015.

Ready to Grow

AMS received funding from BioAccel to form the company, further device development, and proceed with regulatory approvals. Sheath in Sheath is currently 510(K) approved and is completing development for product launch. Radial Sheath should be cleared by Q2 2012. The Wire in Wire and Big Mouth Snare devices will undergo product development, testing, and regulatory clearance over the next 12 months.


The physician/founder:

  • Internationally recognized expert  in field
  • Developed medical devices already in the marketplace
  • Founder/Cofounder of PQ Bypass and QuantumCor
  • leadership in bringing stents to the US
  • 13 issued patents and 12 pending

BioAccel is playing a key role in the formation of the company and establishing the partnerships necessary for long-term success.

Short and Long Term Goals

Each of the devices will be progressed to first sales at which point out-licensing options or potential sales of product lines will be pursued. Sheath in Sheath should reach market by October 2012 with three additional devices reaching market by the middle of 2013.

AMS will continually develop new technologies to maintain a pipeline of 5-7 devices.