CAFDA (GenomeID)

CAFDA (GenomeID)


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CAFDA (GenomeID)



There are over 20 million arrests annually in the US, with law enforcement requiring DNA evidence in the majority of these cases.  The current technology is over 17 years old and often fails to yield conclusive results on mixed samples. One of the most challenging aspects of human identification based on DNA analysis is the interpretation of samples with multiple contributors-“mixed samples” in forensic DNA parlance.

Differentiated Solutions

The Center for Advanced Forensic DNA Analysis™ (CAFDA) is fueled by the need for next generation technology solutions in the expeditious resolution of criminal casework, supporting law enforcement and government agencies in the fight against crime and terror. We are focused on identifying and applying solutions to fit the scientific tasks and casework needs for DNA identification.

Our solutions are developed, validated and prepared for immediate use in forensic human identification. Our highly trained, proficiency tested analysts with demonstrated experience in DNA forensic laboratory skills and data interpretation will provide new solutions. We can provide results in complex cases where you need to determine if a person in one mixture is also a contributor to a different mixture.

QuantumSNP Forensic Informatics

Our Ultra-High Density (UHD) Single Nucleotide Polymorphism (SNP) technology integrates QuantumSNP™Forensic Informatics using Next Gen DNA data to provide a DNA Identification service with the highest degree of genome analysis available in forensics today.

Point-to-point nucleotide comparison from up to 5,000,000 genetic sites provides:

  • automated mixture results
  • No subjectivity in the results generated from complex samples
  • Highly sensitive results down to 10pg

Our highly specific, custom reports and analytical data results generated from DNA SNP analysis are designed to be used in crime laboratories and law enforcement  investigations as well as the court systems.

Technology Choice

We offer choice in technology applications providing the best available DNA identification solutions to fit the scientific task and casework needs. Working together with our customers allows us to provide the best solution to meet your requirements including Short Tandem Repeat (STR) analysis and Ultra-High Density(UHD) Single Nucleotide Polymorphism (SNP) Technology with QuantumSNP™ Forensic Informatics.


CEO: Michael Heffernan
Michael is a seasoned leader within high growth emerging businesses and in transforming new technologies to successful commercialization in a diverse range of business settings. Michael’s direct experience spans several industry sectors including managed care, occupational health, medical device development, insurance and e-commerce, financial services and manufacturing, where he has led commercialization initiatives within entrepreneurial environments.

CSO Kevin McElfresh, Ph.D.
Kevin has operated, managed, and directed forensic DNA laboratories for 25 years and was instrumental in the implementation and court acceptance of restriction fragment length polymorphism (RFLP) DNA testing 25 years ago as well as the initial development, implementation and court acceptance of the use of STRs in forensics over 17 years ago.