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HER Inc.

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80% of products are withdrawn from the market due to side-effects on women. How is it that the gender that is responsible for the majority of healthcare and wellness purchasing decisions is suffering from the majority of healthcare and wellness product side-effects? At HER Inc., we are empowering individuals to make informed health and wellness decisions. We approach the issue from two angles: Science and Community.


Gender matters when it comes to health & wellness but most information sources do not differentiate treatments, symptoms or solutions for different genders. There is no excuse to overlook something as fundamental as gender differences when we live in an age of abundant information. It’s time to do away with the cookie cutter approach to women’s health and wellness and start providing information tailored to women’s unique needs.


HER Inc. addresses women’s health and wellness needs through two vehicles: EmpowHER and SkinSAFE.

EmpowHER is an online health and wellness community designed specifically for women. It serves as a source of trusted information where women can access articles, blogs, and even receive direct answers to questions that focus on their unique healthcare needs as women.

SkinSAFE empowers consumers with easily understandable information regarding what is inside of healthcare and beauty products. SkinSAFE analyzes heathcare and beauty products based on a consumer’s unique profile and provides feedback in the form of recommended products that will be safe for the consumer to use. Dermatologists are able to collaborate with their patients by providing input to their individual patients’ profiles.


According to Rodale, women’s health and wellness is the next trillion-dollar industry globally, with beauty being the most dominate portion at $679 billion.

Business Model

SkinSAFE and EmpowHER are free for general consumer use, but their e-commerce activities and purchases generate revenue. In addition, physicians are charged under a SaaS model for patient management and engagement services through SkinSAFE. These same physicians drive patient traffic to SkinSAFE, which cycles back into more e-commerce revenue.

EmpowHER serves to drive traffic to SkinSAFE through advertising, content marketing and sponsored products to influence individuals in an authentic and engaging way. This method for driving traffic to SkinSAFE results in an average 4x conversion to sales ratio. HER Inc. supports campaigns from top of funnel (awareness building) to conversions delivering measurable ROI.

Competitive Advantage

Our partnership with the Mayo Clinic and our proprietary allergy algorithms laid the foundation for our initial success. Moving forward, we recognize that the community that we have developed is our most valuable competitive advantage.

The HER Inc. community actively contribute to our database of over 10,000 products with information that becomes the fuel for our algorithms. Physicians provide patient specific data to help tailor our services to individual users. This blend of community, science, and data is as unique as it is powerful and our patented Health Meter allows us to measure the impact of each and every one of our interactions with our online community.


Among the most popular healthcare resources for women are webMD, Healthline, EWG, and Women’s Health Magazine. Many of our competitors readily offer information, but fail to offer value.

HER Inc. has a very novel approach to women’s health. Our dedication specifically to women’s health, our collaborative community approach, and the employment of scientific data tools combine to offer an unparalleled value to our community. Our competition provides generic information. We provide interactive communities and tools with quantifiable benefits to users.