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Create, edit and modify the diet plan that fuels YOUR workout.

MyFuelUp Solution

From converting the generated diet into an organized grocery list and selecting products available where you shop, to providing menu recommendations at local restaurants – MyFuelUp puts you in the driver’s seat to attaining your health and fitness goal.

Our Mission

MyFuelUp’s mission statement is: “To empower people to make the most effective and efficient daily nutritional decisions through mobile technology.”  This mission is tirelessly pursued through our guiding principles – to

  • Exonerate, Educate, and Alleviate.
  • Exonerate. Forget the past. Whatever the current condition, we want our users to be convinced that they will be as healthy as they want to be – to know that they will get there, or be markedly closer to that state.
  • Educate. Our role in facilitating better nutritional decisions and reinforcing positive lifestyle habits. The dietary principles are habit-forming.
  • Alleviate. We strive to put all of the tools and flexibility needed to achieve the result at the user’s disposal through technology that is at their fingertips wherever they go.

Lucrative Market

For businesses, insurers, and corporate wellness programs looking to include healthy, fitness-oriented diet and meal planning in their products, our meal-generation engine can be consumed as a service for easy integration.

Launch Your Diet

First, create, modify, and save the healthy meal plan that meets your lifestyle and health/fitness goals through our web interface. Diet creation offers great flexibility, but always within healthful constraints.

Generate Grocery Lists

Based on your saved diet plan, specify your upcoming schedule in our FREE mobile app and receive a grocery list, while you shop, that ensures you have all the food you need to be successful.
Restaurant Recommendations

It’s hard to stick to the meal plan ALL the time, and we understand that. Fortunately, our PREMIUM mobile app is able to provide alternative meals at local restaurants via GPS – alternatives that will keep you on or close to your goal.

Find a Coach

Not sure how to train to match your nutrition plan? Just looking for something new to stimulate your muscles? Or perhaps you could use additional dietary and/or emotional support on your journey? Enter your zip code and specify the type of coach you are seeking, and MyFuelUp will display coaches in your area that can help!

Our Helpful Blog

Scan for content from among several MyFuelUp bloggers (with varying fitness and health goals) that is interesting to you. You can follow our group blog or specific individuals. And drop us a line if YOU are interested in blogging on our behalf about your own experiences.
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MyFuelUp is committed to providing tools to help people make the best nutritional decisions, as effortlessly as possible. However, there are many other factors that contribute to the health, wellness, and physical well-being of our society. MyFuelUp supports several organizations that work toward these greater goals. One of these organizations, Margeau’s Free to Be Project, supports the belief that all women and girls are worthy and good enough just the way they are, and helps them to realize their full potential and appreciate the gifts they have to offer to the world. It is dedicated to the memory of a close friend.


Founder: Michael Vento was born in 1983 in Brooklyn, NY and grew up in Sunrise, FL. He received his Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering from the University of Florida in 2006, has six years of experience working in semiconductor manufacturing, and earned dual-degrees (Master of Science in Engineering Systems/ Master of business Administration) from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and its Leaders for Global Operation (LGO) Program in 2012. Currently, he has returned to the semiconductor manufacturing industry as an operations manager alongside hid peripheral dedication to MyFuelUp.