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Nasseo is a medical device startup that is developing next generation dental/orthopedic implants that integrate our proprietary implant surface modification nanotechnology to provide stronger bonding, faster healing, and lowered inflammation.


Dental implants are one of the fastest growing, multi-billion dollar markets within the US healthcare industry.  Despite this growth, current dental implants suffer from a failure rate of ~5-10% because of weak implant-to-bone bonding (osseointegration) and from a ~20% incidence of peri-implantitis (inflammation surrounding the implant that leads to subsequent failures).  The added US healthcare cost for repeat surgeries of failed dental implants is over $1B per year.  Current dental implant surgery is painful and complicated, typically requires multiple doctor visits, and takes over a year to heal.  Addressing the growing and serious peri-implantitis issue is a huge unmet need within the dental implant industry.

 Nasseo Solution

Nasseo’s first product is the TiArray(TM) Dental Implant that recently received FDA 510(k) approval and that integrates a proprietary implant surface modification nanotechnology that has show 9X stronger bonding, 3X faster healing, and 2X decreased inflammation in large animal and repeatable data studies.  Nasseo’s nanotechnology is backed by 10+ years of R&D at UCSD and ~20 prestigious scientific publications.  Nasseo’s nanotechnology creates a uniform and patterned nanotopography across the natural oxide layer of the substrate material (titanium, tantalum, zirconium, etc.) which provides a vastly increased surface area for contact with bone and a molecular structure that mimics bone porosity to enhance bone stem cell adhesion.  Nasseo’s TiArray(TM) Dental Implant provides 3 key competitive advantages while offering attractive margins:  a) stronger-bonded implants, b) lower costs to patients and increased clinician productivity due to the accelerated healing and recovery, and c) anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial benefits to address peri-implantitis concerns.

Lucrative Market

The dental implant industry is fast growing with over 2 million dental implants placed annually in the US with a market value of over $1 Billion.  This market is growing at a compound growth rate of 13% resulting from dentists seeking better treatments and aggressive marketing campaigns to the aging baby boomer population.  The cost of a single dental implant ranges from $100-$500 with very healthy margins and the overall dental implant procedure can cost up to $5000 per implant.  Nasseo’s 2nd product will be an interbody fusion device (spinal cage) that targets the $5 Billion+ spinal fusion market.

Ready to Grow

Nasseo has secured $520K in seed funding and a $250K grant after winning the ACA’s Arizona Innovation Challenge which sustained the company through 510(k) approval of the TiArray(TM) Dental Implant.  Nasseo is seeking to raise a ~$1M Series A round to further increase the value of the nanotechnology via human clinical trials conducted in 2014.  Nasseo’s implant surface modification nanotechnology can be applied on multiple medical device applications such as craniofacial, hearing aids, and polymer/PEEK based devices such as spinal cages and anchors.

Expertise of Founders

Nasseo is led by Dr. Garrett Cale Smith, a UCSD Bioengineering PhD graduate and a Stanford Biodesign Fellow Alumni, who has spent the past 6 years developing Nasseo’s nanotechnology and by Kayvon Pourmirzaie, a UCSD Bioengineering graduate and a USD School of Law graduate (Cum Laude).  Garrett previously co-invented two medical device startups out of the Stanford Biodesign program (Oculeve and Ocular Dynamics) that have raised $7M+ in funding from KPCB, NEA, and Versant.  Kayvon previously co-founded a software startup that raised $2.5M+ in funding and received a Facebook FBFund grant.  Nasseo is advised by leading experts in the fields of nanomaterials, inflammation, materials science, and orthopedics including Dr. Sungho Jin, the Chair of the Materials Science Department at UCSD, Dr. Lars Magnus Bjursten, the early pioneer of the dental implant, Brian Jaffe, the former VP of Sales & Market at Implant Direct, Donna Janson, the former CEO of Novalar, Lily Sarafan, the President and COO of Home Care Assistance, and Dr. Paul Higham, the former BD/R&D Director at Stryker.  Nasseo is also advised by leading clinicians Dr. Steven Sadowsky, Director of Implants at the Dugoni School of Dentistry, Dr. Patrick Roetzer, Dr. Greg Kammeyer, and Dr. James Powers.