• BioAccel has invested $2.8 million over the past five years in proof-of-concept projects that helped create and/or grow 17 companies (mostly in the last 36 months). The use of this model has resulted in a current book value of the portfolio that exceeds $70M with a projected exit value of $1.4B. 
  • To date, the portfolio has achieved a 37 percent internal rate of return (IRR, supporting ongoing sustainability of BioAccel). This is significantly better performance than that of the nation’s most sophisticated angel investors according to The Kauffman Foundation’s Angel Investor Performance Project. 
  • In March of 2015, U.S. Commerce Secretary Penny Pritzker announced that BioAccel was among the first recipients to win a portion of a federal Regional Innovation Strategies grant. BioAccel was selected as a recipient of the i6 Challenge, a national competition that makes small, targeted, high-impact investments to support startup creation, innovation, and commercialization. BioAccel received $499,764 to develop its Southwest Proof-of-Concept Commercialization Center.
  • Two Thunderbird School of Global Management Consulting Practicum teams of four students are engaged to provide strategies for capacity building.


  • In 2014, secured five Arizona fast grants from the Arizona Commerce Authority and one Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) grant – the largest SBIR grant in the state’s history.
  • Won the “Excellence in Innovation Award” at the WESTMARC 22nd Annual Best of the West Awards.
  • MaryAnn Guerra appointed by the US Secretary of Commerce to the National Advisory Council on Innovation and Entrepreneurship-US Department of Commerce. MaryAnn wins AZ Business Magazine’s 50 most influential Women Award and Arizona’s top 50 business leaders in Healthcare-Bioscience.
  • MaryAnn Guerra wins the Phoenix Business Journal’s 2014 Business Leader of the year award.
  • Dr. Ron King selected to participate on a panel at the Translational Research Forum at the Bio Industry Organization (BIO) International Convention.
  • Created a community partnership with Trine University to increase utilization of BioInspire.
  • Facilitated Nasseo's manufacturing of dental implants at our BioInspire facility.
  • Created new funding opportunity by initiating a crowdfunding campaign REVIVE for BioAccel to support Neurorecovery Technologies (NRT). 
  • In collaboration with ASU, successfully completed first BioAccel internship program at BioInspire with 15 students (out of 100 applicants)
  • Created a strong partnership with W.L Gore.
  • Launched the “BioAccelerator fund” a $2,000,000 fund focused on BioAccel companies.
  • Five Arizona Commerce Authority grants to support of Portfolio companies were funded.
  • BioAccel’s Inaugural Scorpion Pit and Solutions challenge Awards Ceremony held at Wrigley Mansion. BioAccel announces My Fuel Up and Hemova as Solution Challenge Winners.
  • BioAccel nominated for Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce IMPACT Awards.
  • Hildeez’s Kimberly Cox was selected as Top 25 Dynamic Women in Business for 2014.


  • Nasseo awarded AZBio Fast Lane Award.
  • Verve relocated from Santa Barbara and moved into BioInspire.
  • Yolia was awarded $250,000 from the Arizona Commerce Authority through the Innovation Challenge Grant.
  • Yolia wins Innovator of the Year – Start-Up Company Governor’s Innovation Award.
  • BioAccel sold 100,000 shares of Stimwave in a private placement for a 296 percent gain.
  • Yolia receives notice of allowance for its first patent.
  • BioAccel began its third year of its five year contract with the City of Peoria to manage BioInspire
  • Stimwave submitted its first FDA 510k submission for the trial version of the Freedom-4 SCS System.
  • BioAccel teams with Flambeau on technology competition.
  • Verve Medical. Santa Barbara, CA was recruited and approved by the Council to become BioAccel supports its seventh portfolio company.
  • BioAccel held 4th PhilanthroCapitalist Network Event to showcase portfolio companies.
  • BioAccel secured donation of a -20°C Freezer for the BioInspire common lab.
  • BioAccel’s CEO, MaryAnn Guerra, awarded Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Woman of the Year.
  • BioAccel participates in Peoria’s Leadership West Event,


  • Received national recognition by receiving the SSTI 2012 Award for Most Promising New Initiative.
  • Added Stimwave to BioAccel’s portfolio residing at BioInspire.  Tripled the size of our portfolio from 4 to 12
  • Participated as a Sponsor/Reviewer in final selection of Furnace program candidates. 10 companies were approved out of a slate of 22. Selected two medical device technology companies for our program (2 additional technologies on reserve list).
  • Preliminary discussions with City of Peoria about next phase funding and space for incubator program.
  • Held 4th PhilanthroCapitalist Networking event and launched new BioAccel Accelerator Fund Initiative.
  • Partnered with Vanderbilt University/Oregon Translational Research and Drug Development Institute to apply for $24M NIH Centers for Accelerated Innovations grant.
  • Hosted President Vicente Fox, former President of Mexico, at the new BioAccel managed BioInspire program to discuss collaboration between Arizona and Mexico in bioscience technology commercialization.
  • Joined statewide effort to collaborate with other business incubators “AZ Business Incubator Association.”
  • Held Grand Opening for BioInspire, a medical device incubator, in Peoria, Arizona.
  • Partnered with Arizona Commerce Authority to provide funding to Furnace, a new initiative that supports a statewide effort to commercially develop academic based intellectual property (IP).  Furnace brings together teams seeking to start new companies; IP emanating from the ASU, UofA, NAU, Dignity Health and Thunderbird University.
  • Executed a memorandum of understanding with the Arizona Venture Partnership to work to create a training program to provide improved diligence related to BioAccel’s programs.
  • Won the 2012 Award for Excellence in Technology Based Economic Development (TBED) from the State Science and Technology Institute (SSTI).
  • Received the City of Peoria Manager’s Economic Development Award.
  • Was selected as the template for the National Center for Accelerated Innovation at the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute, National Institutes of Health.
  • Launched the PHILANTHROCAPITALIST NETWORKFounders group whose members provide funding and agree to participate in supporting early stage companies emanating from BioAccel Programs.
  • MaryAnn Guerra, CEO, selected by the Arizona Business Journal on of the top 25 Business Women in Phoenix.
  • Formed BioInspire Council of Advisors made up of nationally recognized members representing Industry (Medtronic, PADT, Covidien), Venture/Investment (HLM/West Valley National Bank), Academia (Stanford BioDesign Institute), Incubators (NCET), and other local business/medical device leaders.
  • Formed a partnership with SCORE to create and provide a mentorship program to support individuals and companies that emanate from BioAccel Programs.


  • In 2011, BioAccel developed a partnering relationship with the City of Peoria – a suburb of Phoenix – to create “BioInspire,” a-state-of-the-art incubator facility that focuses on accelerated commercialization of biomedical devices ($5M contract). The BioInspire Program imbeds BioAccel’s proof of concept, commercialization, and sustainability requirements as integral to medical device development. 
  • Provided TAP funding to ASU for a minimally invasive tear based glucose sensor for diabetes management technology.
  • BioAccel formed a joint venture with Imprimatur Capital of London, England, to create Imprimatur Capital US (ICUS), a novel approach to funding research performing institutional technologies and early stage companies.  ICUS investors will receive equity in the new holding company and benefit from direct investment in companies that are launched.  This model will provide direct funding to support BioAccel’s operations and programs as well as potentially launch the BioAccel model in targeted states, such as California and Texas.
  • BioAccel supports five Arizona companies, employing 21 individuals, with a plan to grow to over 20 employees in the next 36 months.  BioAccel has 3 new companies in the queue for launch in 2011.
  • BioAccel CEO, MaryAnn Guerra was selected by Harvard Business School Club of Arizona as the only recipient from Phoenix of a fellowship to attend the Strategic Perspectives in Non-Profit Management Executive Education Program, held in July 2011. 
  • Dr. Ron King, BioAccel’s Chief Scientist and Business Officer, served on the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute’s (NHLBI) Centers for Accelerated Innovations Program Working Group.  This group was formed to identify the attributes of a new funding mechanism to bridge the commercialization gap.  NHLBI used the BioAccel model to help form the dialogue for the group’s discussion and the model’s fundamental principles are woven throughout the group’s final recommendations that have been approved for implementation.  Ongoing support from Arizona will help solidify the model and improve our competitiveness for future grant support in this area that is important to BioAccel’s long-term sustainability.
  • Dr. Ron King, BioAccel’s Chief Scientist and Business Officer, was appointed to the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute’s (NHLBI) Advisory Council.  NHLBI is the 3rd largest Institute at the National Institutes of Health.
  • Requested to participate in White House Roundtables, “To fight for what the American people care most about:  new jobs, higher wages and faster economic growth.” 
  • Invited to attend Quayle Committee on Healthcare, jobs discussion with Congressman Quayle. The purpose of the roundtable is to discuss both legislation and regulations that are having a negative effect on job creation and business development as well as possible solutions to these problems.


  • Received support from Arizona Public Service Company for Proof of Concept Center.
  • Secured a relationship with the State of New York, the Office of the Attorney General (Andrew Cuomo) to provide technical oversight to one of his key initiatives in health care reform.
  • Provided services related to the creation, incubation and model of HTI (Health Transformation Institute), received funding to incubate.
  • Secured donation to support Proof of Concept Center from Blue Cross Blue Shield.
    Founded the Coalition for Bioscience Commercialization (CBC) bringing together the research performing institutes across the state to partner in leveraging bioscience research outcomes to drive the accelerated development of technology and new company formation.  Coalition Members are: BioAccel, UA, AZTe, Catholic Healthcare West, TGen, Banner, SFAz, NAU, and Mayo.
  • Obtained second year funding from Abraxis Bioscience after successfully completing milestones identified in the original grant.


  • Secured the initial grant (5 years, $14M) from Abraxis Bioscience to launch BioAccel.
  • Successfully obtained 501c3 status for economic development including the ability to hold equity in portfolio companies.
  • Trademark application submitted in support of BioAccel name.  Secured Registered trademark in 2010.
  • Preparation of IRS documents to establish BioAccel as a 501(c) 3 entity. Non-profit status was awarded by IRS in 2010.
  • Creation of company website:
  • Held organizing Board meeting, documents were presented to the Board, related to BioAccel formation including Bylaws, Conflict of Interest, Fundraising Policies and Guidelines, Gift Acceptance Policies and Guidelines, Record Retention Policy, Whistleblower Policy and Signing authorities and approval process.  All documents were approved by the Board.
  • Formed and began execution of Phase I (Discovery Development) and Phase II (New Venture Development) programs for funding.
  • Collaboration with ASU Biodesign Impact Accelerator in early stage technology translation funding through a screening and seed funding program to advance the promising bioscience technologies
  • Formed strategic partnership with TGen.  
  • Supported the creation of Casework Genetics (a forensic DNA company) with a $500k investment. Casework Genetics, LLC (CG) was founded in 2009 to provide a disruptive new technology for the forensics community. This new technology solves three of the most pressing problems in the forensics community; obtaining quick accurate results, resolving a sample with a mixture containing more than 3 contributors, and getting results from degraded DNA. This is the ONLY technology on the market that solves these problems.
  • Provided $200,000 to support a clinical protocol for a device focused on weight management and the prevention of weight-related diseases.